Currently led by the 4th-generation proprietor Hiroichi Isurugi, ISURUGI CO., Ltd is a family business, which was established in Kanazawa in 1917 by Hanhichi Isurugi on the back of a family tradition of heritage plastering craftsmanship spanning much of the Edo-period (1603~1867).

Throughout the Showa period (1926~1989), ISURUGI was involved in large-scale national projects like the Osaka World Exhibition (1970), during which time company employees received many awards for outstanding craftsmanship. ISURUGI has also over the years lent its considerable skill base to the reconstruction of historical buildings such as the Kokuhou Zuiryuji Temple in Toyama Prefecture and Kanazawa Castle, not to mention modern buildings like Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Dome and Kyoto Station. In addition to all this, ISURUGI set up a Plasterers’ Art Division in 2004 and started to become active in the field of design as well.

Hiroichi ISURUGI
Executive Director 
Director's Comment:
"From our long history of 200 years of plastering, we developed a technology to process a product out of diatomaceous earth in a way that it cannot break anymore, using the knowledge of plasterer´s craftsmanship. It is remarkably difficult to combine the material with the products soft design and it took many trials until its final shape was completed. The quality of the finished product and much more related to the production process is a result of the craftman´s skills and his experience."

Safety of diatomaceous earth:

Diatomaceous earth is completely safe to come in contact with the body, and our products have even passed rigorous food standard inspections.


Please note that, as all "Soil" products are handmade by specialist plasterers, air removal in the production process can lead to slight variance in color and tone and surface patterning.
This in no way affects the properties and quality of the products.